Saturday, April 08, 2006

genuine writer

Here I am in Melbourne at the Freelance Writer's Convention. Last night was opening night 'drinks and networking' so I had two free glasses of white wine, three very small pieces of finger food, networked with J (who I travelled down with) then left.

Networking shmetworking.

Coming home on the tram was the most fun part. I love trams. A city is not really a city if it doesn't have trams. Buses are too prosaic and trains too inaccessible. A tram is an intimate experience, crowds of people jammed onto a rattling lumbering clunkering conveyance, swaying in unison as it corners, pulling on the stop rope if we see someone running up the street to catch it.

Try and follow this:

Last night I stayed at the house I used to own with my ex-girlfriend. After we broke up my sister Zedd bought her out so we lived here together. Then I moved to the North Coast and Zedd bought me out. Now Zedd is in Ireland and has rented her house to Lovergirl's ex-girlfriend L and her now girlfriend J. L&J have moved down for the North Coast to live here for a year. They were saying that they went out somewhere last week and met some dykes who were paramedics - L&J were explaining where they live and the dykes said, "Oh, is that Zedd's house?" They are friends of Zedd's ex-girlfriend, G (also a paramedic). So all that proves Alice's (L-word reference) connectivity theorem...

When is it a theorem and when merely a theory?

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