Saturday, May 27, 2006

Imminent disaster

This is my loungeroom but unfortunately I'm not there. I'm in Melbourne, it's Saturday afternoon and I'm having a small panic about tonight's dinner party.

It's Dad's 70th. I wanted to hire a hall and a band and get all the ladies to bring a plate but Dad wanted 'something small' so instead I am doing a sit down dinner for fourteen. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

We have bought all the ingredients - I'm doing a roast which shouldn't be a big deal - but Dad wanted to take me to the Vietnamese market that has sprung up since I lived here. Little Saigon, it's called. It's fantastic, all sharp bitter smells and elderly Vietnamese ladies picking over piles of lumpy alien vegetables. But the meat, I have realised now that I am home, looks like no roast meat cuts I have ever seen. We have bought pork (yuk) and beef - but I am used to the roast cuts looking like - well like roasts. Kind of leg shaped with fat on the outside. These do not look like this. Should I go out and buy more meat, put this in the freezer?

Oh my God it's all going to be a disaster and it will be all my responsibility!

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