Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pay attention

No picture today as I'm on J & V's computer, at my home-away-from-home in Brisbane.

I've just come home from philosophy. Tonight we talked about attention. There are four types of attention apparently.

Attention open - when you are aware and open to all that is going on around you
Attention centred - when you are focussed on one thing intently, like an artist engrossed in a painting
Attention scattered - (I know all about this) When you don't spend time on any single thing, your attention skips from one thing to another
Attention captured - when you are engrossed to the exclusion of all else, as in gambling - or perhaps losing track of time on the internet (not that I'd know anything about that either)

This week our homework is to notice what sort of attention we are paying. Draw our attention to our attention, I guess.

I want to scurry into bed before the girls get home, so gotta go. I'm not up to talking to anyone tonight

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