Friday, October 27, 2006

Frog kissed, turns into princess!

<-- the outfit
I went to a 50th party recently. The theme was "Come as the life you might have led" and there were goddesses and wood nymphs, firefighters and musicians. I found this fabulous off the shoulder red velvet frock in an op shop for $3 and a lover gave me the outrageous hat many years ago - I'm always looking for an occasion to wear it. The shoes are a previous op shop purchase, although they haven't had an opportunity to go out before - you can't really tell from this photo but they are silver. I painted my finger- and toenails matching shades of delicate rose, shaved my armpits and applied a tasteful makeup. I even had a male friend staying for the weekend, so I took along a 'husband'.

Voila! My mother's ideal daughter.

See, that wasn't so hard, was it?


Katya said...

You can always spot a heterosexual byt he sparkly siver shoes.

elsewhere said...

wot about a photo?

Mikhela said...

1. Enough of your scorn, K! - I have seen your collection of sparkly shoes.

2. A photo? Won't crazed internet stalkers hunt me down and, I don't know, want to have sex with me or something?