Friday, December 08, 2006

You say pot-ay-to, I say pot-ah-to

<-- Crimson Rosella. They seem to like the bopple nut tree that grows through our deck.

How do you pronounce "alias"?

I'm (re-)reading Margaret Atwood's "Alias Grace" and Mel and Lovergirl are laughing at my pronunciation.

I say "ah-LYE-uss" but their combined wisdom insists it is "AYE-lee-ass"

Thus far in my life I haven't had much call to say the word aloud, and both Mel and Lovergirl have somewhat more colourful backgrounds than mine, so might have had more cause to use it.

But I find it hard to imagine I might be wrong, as I would trust my linguistic judgement long before theirs.

Mel suggests I should just say "A.K.A. Grace"


elsewhere said...

Afraid I'm with Mel & LG on this one: generally, the stress is on the first syllable of a word in English (tho not a prefix).

Bopple nut tree? What the hell is a bopple nut?

Katya said...

Yes, I'm afraid you may have to take on board the fact that you are actually wrong in this instance. I think bopple nut is the most appealing word I've heard in a very long time. Am going to a cocktail do tomorrow night, will see how many times I can drop it into the conversation.

Katya said...

PS can you eat the bopples?

Anonymous said...

Mel says 'that is an adult male King Parrot'!

Susoz said...

Yes, ay-lee-us.
I'm surprised you haven't had cause to say it aloud - it's a word that seems to pop up every now and again.

Mikhela said...

I've been practising aye-lee-us
Mel, you smartypants twitcher, can't you figure out how to put your name in when you log on?

From "Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia RED BOPPLE NUT : The brilliant red fruit contains a large nut with a pleasantly flavoured, edible kernel".

It's an endangered tree that happens to grow particularly well in our little microclimate. I didn't know I could eat them. I think the KING PARROTS have eaten them all so I'm too late. But next autumn i'll be there with a basket

Mikhela said...

I mean spring