Sunday, January 28, 2007


Lovergirl and Zara, our six-year-old next door neighbour, cleaning up the house. Zarah was giving L very confident instructions on how to clean the floors - 'First we have to fill the bucket, then we scrub the floor, then we swoosh the water on the floor and then we mop it up with rags.' Lovergirl obediently participated in all this. Not long after I took this photo L said to Zarah, 'How do you know how to wash floors? Do you do this at home?' 'No,' she said, 'I've never done it before. But this is how Cinderella does it!'

Animals we disturbed while emptying our house, shed and cleaning up the grounds: One fat grey wallaby with a joey that bounced like a clockwork toy; Three snakes - one diamond python, one whipsnake, one Eastern brown; Twenty seven skinks; Four bush turkeys; Sixteen giant huntsmen, the size of dinner plates I swear; Two hundred thousand jumping ants - six of whom bit me, the bastards; Three land mullets (large fat brown lizards); One juvenile goanna; One evil ugly cane toad; Two hundred and thirteen cockroaches (I'm trying to be honest here); And a whole civilisation of insect life, as previously reported, living in the composting toilet.

Anyway we're finally out of the house, and completely drained. We head up to Brisbane in about three weeks - meanwhile we're spreading ourselves around the North Coast. At the moment we're with Zarah's family next door - these photos are of their place. Poor us.


Heather?? I think that's what you called me? said...

You're a bit late for the 12 days of Xmas!!...and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. (Sorry I hate people who explain their gags.)You do know there are more anthropods and reptiles in Brisvegas? Now you get to see how the new tenants cope as the menagerie returns. Surely it would've been easier just to sell?

Mikhela said...

anthropods? would they be animals with feet like humans?

And waddaya MEAN 'sell'? You need to come and lie on the deck for a few days, reading as the sun sets. Then see how you feel about selling!

Katya said...

Those freakishly enormous hunstmans you found, were they in the shed where the caravan was? The caravan with very thin walls and lots of gaps and chinks in the flywire? The caravan I slept in for THREE nights??

Mikhela said...

(Reassuring tone)
No No...the caravan was completely and utterly devoid of arachnid life.


Mikhela said...

Besides, why aren't you all more concerned by the KILLER BROWN SNAKE???
that was the one I thought was really impressive.