Friday, June 08, 2007

nurturing the gut flora

Today I had a telephone appointment with my naturopath. Her name is Amanda Haberacht and she is in Sydney and she is fantastic, if you are looking for a naturopath who specialises in fertility issues.

I've had two episodes of very light spotting now. I was much less freaked out about the second one, thanks to everyone's comments about the first! What strikes me though, is how much more knowledge naturopaths (at least, Amanda) have about what is going on with one's body than the medical types.

To the gynaecologist: 'What causes spotting?'
Dr K: 'It's just one of those things. Don't worry about it.'
Me: 'Oh, okay'.

To naturopath (when listing notable things about pregnancy so far) '...and I have twice had some spotting'
Naturopath: 'At what dates? What colour exactly? How much? (Follows with list of questions on nausea, bowels and nail conditions) 'Okay, no problem that's a gut flora thing. I'll send you up...'

Everyone should have a naturopath! On medicare, what's more.


Katya said...

My naturopath used to say 'Gynaecology is the jewel in naturopathy's crown'.

Mikhela said...

Didn't your acupuncturist say that too?

Mikhela said...

Disturbing image though, gynaecology as a jewel in a crown.

elsewhere said...

A gut flora thing? How does *that* work? (Sorry; just had to ask.)

Mikhela said...

You know all those gerberas and shasta daisies and kangaroo paws that live in one's stomach? Mine were wilting.