Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Used to be, I could just hang on

I'm spending a lot of time looking for public toilets at the moment.

I really hate those big white metal toilet paper dispensers - you know, the big circular ones that contain the giant roll of coarse toilet paper? Also the tall rectangular ones that hold three or four toilet rolls and supposedly when the roll on the bottom is empty, the next roll just drops down. Anyway in both of those dispensers, I can never figure out which way the roll is in. Have they loaded it so the paper comes over, or under? Legs crossed, I scrabble around with two fingers inside the metal box, trying frantically to find an end (I'm not sitting on that toilet seat without a nice hygienic doughnut of toilet paper arranged around it, thank you very much).

Yesterday in the stall next to me, the woman (I presume) spent the whole time pulling toilet paper out of a dispenser. Rattlerattlerattle-rattlerattlerattle. It continued on as I washed my hands, dried my hands and left. Rattlerattlerattle. I imagined this huge pile of coils of toilet paper rising up around her. An elaborate suicide attempt? Suffocation by toilet paper?

Maybe once she'd found the end, she couldn't stop.


Katya said...

Oh you do make me laugh. I hate it when you can't get the whole bit of a square out, and you just keep grabbing shreds from the middle of the roll that are too small to be any good for anything.

Mikhela said...