Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh for f**'s sake

This mother is suing her IVF doctor for $400,000 because she doesn't want twins.

This makes me really REALLY cross.

And she's a lesbian.

How embarrassing.

(Why doesn't she just give the child away if she doesn't want it?)


ThirdCat said...

I can see why you're cross, but I'm not sure why you're embarrassed.

Mikhela said...

Yeah, I know you're right, it's nothing to do with me, but I can just hear the murmur of a million rednecks saying, 'See what happens when you give them rights? Not fit to have children, I say.'

I've been thinking about it a lot today. Being pregnant with twins, and over the moon about it, I just feel disgusted with them. Why didn't they selectively abort, if they felt so strongly about it? or put one up for adoption? I would take one - maybe I should write to them, I'm sure I could track them down through the networks...

I could go on...

Mikhela said...

I shouldn't get too riled up - I presume she has a mental illness of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Katya here - for some reason I'm having troupbe logging on as me (I am SOOOO crap wiht computers)
This case upsets me on many levels, not the least of which is what it's doing to those girls, the messages they are getting from their mums. If the lesbians win the case (which I hope they DON'T, by the way), I think the money should be put aside for a lifetime's supply of psychotherapy and self esteem courses for the girls.
Not related at all, but when I got home form my lovely little holiday with you, I had some Brisbane tap water in a drink bottle. My oldest son was thirsty on the way home form the airport, so I gave him the bottle. He took a sip and said 'Oh yuck, that's not proper water, what is it? It's too thick.'

Tiffany said...

AMEN. People like that make me so mad. I'm embarrassed for her.

JB said...

Well said. I was so furious that I literally couldn't speak for hours.

I do think it's a great pity that the media made such a fuss about it being a lesbian couple (plenty of straight people have sued for wrongful birth) but I would have been furious whoever it was. Comments today about how they now "cherish" both kids will IMHO go nowhere near making up for the very simple fact they have publicly declared that they did not want them. The world is small and they won't be able to keep this a secret from the children who will have to live with it. I only the twins are a lot more adaptable than their mother appears to be - life happens woman, get over yourself and deal with it.

However this story did bring me back to read this blog as I knew Mikhela would have a view!

BTW Mikhela I have lately needed to avoid pregnancy and baby blogs for my own sanity but I do wish you the very best of luck with the birth and your very wanted babies :)

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

I have a very different take on this. This couple have every right to sue for medical malpractice - just as every other person/couple does.

It's not about them not loving their two children now (they have said in fact that they are cherished), it is about a Doctor not complying with his patient's instructions.

They wanted and had planned for 1 child. They asked for ONE embryo to be transferred (which carries a 0.1% risk of twins).

Instead, the Doctor transferred TWO embryos, carrying a 20% chance of multiples.

They were prepared for a 0.1% risk of multiples, not a 20% risk.

This case is about medical malpractice - nothing else.

It's not a reflection on lesbian parenting in general - do not buy into the media and moral panic.

Do not be hoodwinked.

The facts:

They love their children equally, but due to a Doctor's error they now have financially difficulties raising both children in the manner they had planned they would raise one.

The Doctor is at fault. Not these women.

Kerri said...

We'll take them, and love them! I too feel embarrassed for them. Some people should not be in the lucky position to procreate.