Monday, October 08, 2007

I have other things to talk about you know

Just to reassure myself that my brain has not turned to a mush of baby-related cooing, I list here other potential topics I can bring out at (those oh-so-frequent) dinner parties:

  • My not-so-new part time job editing a magazine
  • Finding another lesbian couple who live just down the road from us here in the heartland of Brisbane suburbia - interesting academics, and it's very lovely to have neighbours.
  • The weather - spectacular thunderstorm yesterday evening after days of heat, while eating dinner on the deck of aforementioned new friends (in the analytical aftermath of which I decided I needed to establish this list of alternative topics).
  • Our new car - tangentially related to babies as we needed to get a family wagon and now have a very fancy Subaru Forester. L is in love - she looks back at it fondly as she walks away from it, clicking that remote door controller thing.
  • Our fledgling vegie garden, take two - the first version was razed by possums within 12 hours of planting but we have slung mosquito net over the second effort and it seems to be doing the trick.
  • Choir, very fun new hobby
  • Writing a proposal for the attorney-general to recognise same-sex parents as legal parents - going slowly but I have a Thursday deadline so I'll get back to you
  • Many delicious new meals discovered, and some duds (chicken pastitsio I'm talking about YOU), due to my ongoing commitment to planning meals a week ahead and then buying everything I need on my weekly trip to the funky West End markets (and groceries from an internet home delivery service, a new discovery and one of the perks of living in a city). I won't talk about this too much as it does somewhat confirm my emerging identity as a housewife and I don't want to scare people.
  • Reading many books. Have just discovered Kerry Greenwood at the local library, who is perfect for my current state - usually collapsed on the couch. And I do love her evocations of Melbourne.

Hmm...upon reflection none of them seem mindblowingly fascinating (except perhaps the attorney general) but remind me to tell you about our first hypnobirthing class, which was NOT a success.

But yesterday C came to lunch and over frittata and salad we practised folding nappies.


JahTeh said...

It's not the folding you have to practise, it's the holding a squirming object with one hand and putting the thing on. Does one still have pins or is there some fancy fastener that is better?

Mikhela said...

Fancy fastener called snappi that looks lethal!

ThirdCat said...

That snappi is the best option I found. Though, who knows, the world moves fast these days...the technology may have changed. Those little clip on button things are useless.

Mikhela said...

I'll steer clear of clip on button things

and perhaps practice putting a nappy on the next door neighbour's puppy, to get the squirm factor happening.

Mikhela said...

By the way, this entry was supposed to be about things OTHER than all things baby. And where are we? Back at nappies.

JahTeh said...

Believe me when you're holding a nappy full of it, intellectual discussion and your input will be the last thing on your mind.

Brain function does return.

Jude said...

My brain function didn't return! Still might have the nappy knack though... ; ) Are you taking bookings for baby cuddle times yet? Nappy pins are easy, just put your fingers on the inside of the nappy to feel the point coming through - and they have a safety cap.

I'm in T'ville - it's so Gold Coast but BIGA, I'm daunted! Got an interview in Cairns this week for work out of Chillagoe & Ingham.

What were the other topics again...???