Friday, October 19, 2007

On turning into my mother

This is, indeed, a cornflake biscuit cooling on a wire tray.

I replaced the white sugar with brown sugar in some sort of vague belief it is healthier, and exchanged half the sultanas for raisins - they're juicier.

What else do you do when you're home all day and the only alternative is to sort out your tax?

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my mother never took part in a sex diary project, so I'm still doing okay.

They're still looking for more participants, so feel free to volunteer to bare all.


JahTeh said...

I hate to be picky but aren't there supposed to be more cornflakes in that biscuit. Another recipe I dare not bake.

Why don't they have a diary about people who don't have sex? I find it easy, I just think of trifles and cornflake biscuits.

Mikhela said...

More cornflakes? I'll have to have another go...reminds me of a story of a woman of my grandmother's generation who was keen to perfect her sponge cake. Every day she would cook a sponge and ask her husband's opinion until one day (years later I think) he said he was sick to death of sponge and could they PLEASE have something different?

Of course nowadays he would have been handed the spatula long before it got to that point.

JahTeh said...

Perhaps it's a different technique. My recipe has the biscuit mixture rolled into balls and then rolled in cornflakes.

My Grandmother would have the old wood stove going and be mixing sponges while three were cooking. Another friend in her 90s used to get flour from Adelaide and wouldn't use any other.

Debstar said...

Cornflake biscuits sounds very middle class. Are you sure you shouldn't be making something more exotic?

Lesbian bed death!!! WTF? I learn something new everytime I pop into your blog.

Like your mother I will NOT be keeping a sex diary. Pages would remain deathly white.

Anonymous said...

You're only turning into your mother if you call them Chocky Rocks, and start wearing windcheaters hand painted or appliqued wuith Australian birds and animals.

Mikhela said...

Oh yes, I remember those - with matching SLACKS. does anyone wear slacks these days?

1st Lady said...

Hello, just found your blog via another blog and wanted to say I love your style of writing. Will be back. I happen to blog with my mother... thinking now it may have been easier cooking her recipes instead.