Monday, November 12, 2007

Dang and blast that newfangled technology

The jacaranda blossoms are falling. Possibly it looks even prettier now than when it is on the trees.

We had another ultrasound on Friday and one baby, the one Lovergirl has pet-named Miao-Miao ("wondrous"; the other is Pung-Pung which means Little Fatty) has fallen behind in weight gain. Pung-Pung is right in the middle of the bell curve, which is exceptionally good for twins as they do tend to be smaller than average. Miao-Miao is right down the bottom in the 5th percentile. Up until now M has only been a little behind P.

Also, Miao Miao has an unusually large bladder - a possible sign of bladder obstruction. 'Nothing to worry about,' said the ultrasonographer. 'Just a small procedure once the baby comes out.'

Meanwhile, of course, I'm worrying. Perhaps these factors are signs of a more sinister, comprehensive syndrome? Something with some unfortunate European scientist's name, like Sminton-Terre Syndrome, where I sell our house and travel the world looking for stem cell research to cure it and we occasionally get featured on tawdry current affairs shows in a bid to raise awareness of our plight.

We have to go back in two weeks to check on the babies again. If M hasn't put on enough weight, I'll have caesarean the next day. Pung Pung could be hogging all the food. 'Just keep an eye on movements,' said the obstetrician. I couldn't sleep for the next two nights,
just keeping an eye on the movements.

Someone is kicking me lustily in the bladder right now.

And I'm trying to recall the eminently sensible advice I gave the Muriels some time back when they had a worrying ultrasound result - something about the overmonitoring of our pregnancies nowadays, and how our mothers wouldn't have even known about these mid-pregnancy anomalies, and look how well
we turned out.


ThirdCat said...

It always seems a bit trite to give advice in a comments box to someone you've never met, and probably never maybe I'll just stick to 'hang in there'. I see from your little widget thingy there's only 6 weeks to go which does make everything much less serious than it would have been even two weeks ago.


Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Too right! DO remember that advice - it worked perfectly well for us afterall, as it will for you.

ps bloody hard not to worry though, I know. But, really, you'll all be fine.

JahTeh said...

In the very old days, twins survived or didn't. Mum was an identical twin, my Mum-in-law a fraternal twin. Both sets were born without hair, fingernails or mature lungs. There were no special units for prem babies so they were wrapped in cottonwool in small boxes and sent home. M-in-l lived until she was 92 and as you know Mum is still with us at 77.
I told you that you'd cop it in the bladder.

suszoz said...

Not to add to the anxiety but how are you supposed to monitor the movements of twins? can you distinguish between them?
Twins are usually born at 36wks which you'll be at in 2 weeks time anyway.
If you find the anxiety overwhelming, I'd say just ring someone and ask for another US, any time.
Good luck.

Mikhela said...

THANKS for comments everyone. The beauty of blogs is that I can just whinge away and people will write supportive comments or just click through to the next blog. In flesh-and-blood life I'm fearful of sounding obsessively one-note.

Jahteh, I wouldn't use your mother as a comforting example, thanks all the same.

Mikhela said...

And on monitoring twins - when kicking is clearly to one side or the other I can tell. Down the midline I have no idea.