Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here they are

<--This is our girl, for the purpose of this blog to be known as Lucky*

This is our boy, whom we will call Junior-->

I want to write a long post about the caesarean birth, and how weird and terrifying I found it, feeling nothing much but a disconcerting digging sensation in my guts and how I will never forget the squelching sound as the doctors dug around in my intestines.

I want to write a long post about our stay in hospital, a bizarre other world filled with dazed new parents and brisk competent nurses and socially-challenged doctors and endless bain-marie food, and the particular night sounds of low-lit hospital corridors that Lovergirl and I got to know well as we took turns pacing with the howling Junior every night between 12 and two a.m.

I want to write a post about how magnificent our babies are, how for the first day or so I felt nothing but now I am so hopelessly in love I keep bursting into tears.

But we got home yesterday and today I have achieved the following:
- I managed to get in the shower about lunchtime;
- I rang Family Assistance and asked about the baby bonus ;
- I spoke to two people on the phone and managed to ask them about their lives as well as telling them the minutiae of mine;
- I spent about eight hours breastfeeding; there are two more sessions scheduled before midnight tonight.

All in all quite a successful day.

*Originally I posted their real names, as I so want to introduce them to you. But after reading through a homophobic rant in Copperwitch's comments stream, I thought I'd best stick to my policy of pseudonyms.


JahTeh said...

Just beautiful and I love the little hats. The announcement on my blog set off quite a comment war. I'm not sure but I think our side won.

Susoz said...

They're beautiful - well done!

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Beautiful! PLEASE send us an email with their real names...

The suspense is killing us and we won't repeat them. said...

congrats again!!! i cried thinking of you bursting into tears every now and then. i can't wait to experience that in my own life! what darling little ones! they are simply adorable. sorry about not being able to say their real names. argh. what a world we live in. if you ARE emailing names (NO PRESSURE)...would love to hear em.

I understand if you opt not to.
Again, what a blessing :)
Enjoy every moment with the tiny beautiful ones!

ThirdCat said...

Look, I know, complete stranger and all that...but I can't tell you how happy I feel for you. Dimly lit corridors. Indeed.

Thanks for the photos.

Elsewhere007 said...

Excellent news! I'm glad you are now all home safely. I think you should call them Michael and Mikhela, in honour of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful babies! Thank you for sharing their pictures. You are very lucky and so are they.

Mikhela, I am sorry that the birth was not as you planned. However, if this fact ever threatens to consume you, pleae remember how you felt in the infertile days that you so eloquently shared here. There must have been times back then that you used all your might to refrain from strangling some smug fertile woman who had the audacity to complain about the birth when she had a beautiful baby for you would gladly have lopped off a limb or two. You have two beautiful babies and you are all well. That's really all that matters. Good luck to all four of you.

JahTeh said...

I hope you don't mind me not deleting those comments but it gives others a chance to have a go back and Sam and Kelly have had several run-ins with him.

Robin said...

Congrats! They're gorgeous!

Katya said...

You sounded just like a real, normal person on the phone!