Saturday, December 29, 2007

Language barrier

Lucky: Excuse me, could you change my nappy?

Me: Hi darling, what's wrong?

Lucky: It's my nappy, I've done a big poo.

Me: (patting her and speaking in soothing tone) It's alright, it's okay, go back to sleep, there's a good girl.

Lucky: (getting louder) No, it's not okay, I've done a big poo and I'm lying in it.

Me: (picking her up) Ssh...ssh...what's wrong? (rocking from side to side while bouncing on toes)

Lucky: (working up to a full fledged scream) My nappy, you idiot! Check my nappy! There is shit everywhere and I'm really uncomfortable!

Me: (baring breast and attempting to shove it in her mouth) Here you are, it's right here.

Lucky: (shaking head vigorously, lips clamped shut) I don't want anything to eat until I'm out of this pool of steaming poo I'm sitting in! Get me out of here!

Me: Let's have a look at your nappy. Oh my god! there's poo everywhere

Lucky: (calming down as nappy is removed) Oh thank god.


owl said...

what beautiful babies you have!

Katya said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much, I read all this stuff about how to understand what different cries meant, but even after having 2 children I reckon I only got it right about 40 % of the time...

tiff said...

I laughed SO hard reading this. SO hard.

E, M, and the Little Man said...

I found your blog over at The Twinkle. I loved this post. Cute, cute babies!