Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today my single parent's pension came through
(I'm only a lesbian for the welfare benefits)

This despite me taking Lovergirl to the interview with Centrel1nk to juggle the babes and ticking 'yes' in all the boxes on all the myriad forms that asked whether I have a partner. Filling out an online Centrel1nk form, I triggered a pop-up 'Same Sex Warning Page' (I kid you not) asking me to double check whether I really intended to indicate that both my partner and I were in fact female. 'If this is correct, please click continue. If not, go back...'

Centrel1nk insists I am single and that they must give me the single parent's pension. Some compensation for the other 57 pieces of federal legislation that discriminate against us financially.

By all means though, if you are outraged by this largesse, feel free to write directly to Kevin Rudd demanding equal recognition for same sex relationships and co-parents.


Anonymous said...

i got the "computer says no" pop-up box from centrestink too when i told them special k was my partner. hilarious if it wasn't so wildly old-fashionedly wrong!

Elsewhere007 said...

Well how bizarre!

Ozfemme said...

Don't panic. As soon as they are 8-year-olds then Centrelink will tell you that you no longer qualify for single parent payment because, apparently, at eight years and older children stop costing anything and no longer require supervision or mothers at home after school....

I say sit back and make the most of it. Your babies are deliciously beautiful and I'm going now because just looking at them is making my ovaries ache!