Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'Are they good babies?'

Don't you just itch to say, 'No, they're really bad babies'?

(By the way, do you think I'm feeding Junior too much?)


glovedigital said...

hey M&L
i don't know if they're good babies, but they sure are CUTE!!
we'll be asking you for tips on parenting real soon - as we are pregnant (michelle is carrying) - and baby is due mid-August!
hope to meet your little ones soon
nicky (federal)

Mikhela said...

Do you know whether you have a girl or a boy? Has Michelle moved back to Federal? email me your email address- we'll put aside some clothes for you.

Anonymous said...

geez i hate that question too. i hate:
"is she a good baby?"
"are you feeding her?"

Anonymous said...

Nope, he looks just fine to me. :)

Mikhela said...

'are you still feeding her?'!!

How about:
"No, we thought we'd experiment with what happened if we didn't feed her"