Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thinking rationally

Okay, two days later and I'm not feeling quite so freaked out.

1. Lovergirl suggested that one reason why there is a high correlation with abnormalities is that people don't usually go to a specialist for a mere birthmark. So maybe it is only the babies with more severe abnormalities go to the specialists and then they notice this correlation with CMTC. Maybe there are all these people running around, perfectly normal, with CMTC, who have just never thought to go and have it identified. Particularly as it fades after two years.

2. As Anon (Suse?) pointed out, a lot of the associated abnormalities are also present at birth, so if Lucky hasn't got them now, she's not going to.

3. Actually a lot of the abnormalities lumped in the 50% figure are fairly mild - like a portwine birthmark (and Lucky does have that, so hopefully that's used up her quota of associated abnormalities) - and others, like glaucoma, are manageable if you catch them early. We have to go to the opthalmologist every six months during her childhood, apparently.

4. As my sister pointed out, while some instances cited on the net of atrophy or hypertrophy of a limb is extreme, for most of the people with this symptom it amounts to a difference of 1 or 2 cm difference in diameter between the limbs. I think that's the one I've been worrying about the most, imagining Lucky as a teenager with a tiny little arm that hasn't grown since she was a baby.

5. Some of the people on the net with CMTC have it all over their bodies. Lucky only has it on one arm, and just the forearm.

5. And finally, if she should happen to have problems, she surely couldn't do much better than having a psychologist and an occupational therapist for parents.

I really really valued getting all your messages of support. It's times like this that you really like to know someone is noticing your little life, isn't it?


Elsewhere007 said...

I have a feeling that my brother had one of these on his face (not totally sure of exact medical diagnosis, as there are zillions of medical things out there) and that it was just removed when he was old enough, and that was that.

Anonymous said...

Haven't read you for a while. Sorry you are going through all that. I would concur that the prognosis is good, I'm sure she is truly lucky and blessed to have the love she has from you, L and many others

Anonymous said...

Wow, just catching up. So sorry to hear about this for you all. I will keep you guys in my thoughts - these babies are so loved by you both and blogland.

JahTeh said...

Since she looks so bright-eyed I can't imagine anything would be wrong with her. I have a strawberry birthmark and a nurse terrified my mother with the news that it would spread until it covered my face and it never has.