Friday, March 07, 2008

True confessions

Parenting sins I don't admit:

1. I feed them more often than every two hours, if they look like they want it (or if they are screaming);
2. I've been loaned a battery operated baby rocker and I'm going to use it;
3. We sleep with the babies in our bed;
4. At the peak of his crying phase, I tried to get Junior to take a dummy (he kept spitting it out);
5. (And this is the worst) When I went to school on Monday I hadn't pumped enough breast milk so I left Lovergirl with formula. They didn't end up needing it, but still, the intention was there.

That should get them started on topics for their therapist, in twenty years' time.


Karrie said...

Me too! (for 1,3, and 4...and I've kept 5 as a back up option many times.) We will also turn on noisy electronic toys to buy a few more minutes when we need it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, there is nothing wroing with a little bit of formula, esp if you have to supply for twins. I'm sure I've told you this, but Dean's mum put him straight onto milk at birth. Cow's milk. And he turned out pretty bloody fabulous. So a bit of Karicare Gold or SP Whatever is completely fine.

Debstar said...

Here's the thing about feeding under 2 hours. Have you ever finished your dinner only to desire a coffee and biscuit only half an hour later...and had it. Why should a baby be any different?
Plus if your babies are going through that 3months growth spurt where they need lots more milk than before then it makes sense to feed more often to build up your milk supply.
What moron came up with the idea that a baby shouldn't share your bed? I bet it was a male moron who has never experienced sleep deprivation.
Just do what feels right, forget the guilt trip.