Friday, June 13, 2008

Vanity fair

I've had my hair cut - my first cut since the babies were born! - and I've bought new glasses. I look really cute.

I'm finally into my old clothes. I'm planning to breastfeed until the children are, oh, twenty or so - it's a great weight management strategy. I'm eating like a horse (only not so much of the grass). I'm back to my pre-baby weight, but strangely, things seem to be, erm, not where I left them. You remember the 'pencil test' from high school? You know, where you put a pencil under your breasts and if the pencil stays there, your breasts are too saggy? Yeah, well, I fail the pencil test. I always thought, somewhat smugly, that one had either perky breasts or saggy breasts. Apparently not. Is this too much detail for you?

And another thing. I seem to have rather more tummy than I started out with. From the front I look fine, but in profile there's a (how shall I put this?) womanly softness to the abdomen.

I've borrowed 'What not to wear' by Trinny and Susanna. Apparently I have to get some princess line dresses, wrap tops and flat fronted boot-cut pants.

And I think I'm going to need some industrial-strength bras. And maybe some of those large flesh tone underpants with diamond insert support control panels.


Deborah said...

I came by here the other day, courtesy of Third Cat (such a well connected person!) and had a look, but couldn't quite find a place to leave this particular comment.

I have twins too. Monozygotic girls, aged six, nearly seven. I also have a nine year old daughter.

Having twins is a great weight loss technique.

I think that it was a bit easier having twins having had an older child. At least I knew what to do with babies. OTOH, my partner's cousin, who had twins up first, thinks it was easier than having to manage two babies and a toddler. Who knows?

What I do recall is that every six months or so, things got noticeably easier, until at about three and a half years, it seemed to me that having twins was in many respects easier than having just one little one.

As for my shape... I slimmed down fairly quickly after my first, and not too much slower after my next two, but my shape has changed. My hips seem to have turned out a bit, and my tummy is much softer than it was even after my first. Definitely more womanly, and I am, well, proud of it. My breasts? Still, ahem, perky, but that's only because there wasn't much of them to start with. The only person I have ever seen who is flatter than me is Keira Knightly. Bloody damned hard to sag when there's nothing to sag with.

Your babies are so beautiful. Twins are special, and I wish you and your partner joy with your lovely children.

Suze said...

The danger on the b'feeding/weight/eating front is that at first you can eat anything and stay slender, but at about 18mths when there was a downturn in b'feeding, I kept eating a lot, but my metabolic rate must have come down and I put on a lot of weight. So as the bf declines, make sure your calorie intake does too!

Elsewhere007 said...

So are you the cello?

Mikhela said...

El: hmm, yes well more of a cello than, say, a flute. I think I'm possibly a bit oboe-like at the moment, with the odd bulging bit about halfway down.

Deborah: twins are extraordinary. We feel blessed. We were saying just this morning, 'imagine, out of all the six billion people in the world, we got to be us. Aren't we so lucky!' Kinda corny, but it was sunny, we were on our way to a picnic, the babies were gurgling...

Suze: I have a plan with the eating. Lovergirl is doing a hypnosis course at the end of the year, so I want her to dangle a watch in front of me and implant suggestions like "I really don't like chocolate" and "I really feel like a nice salad now". Until then,it's breastfeeding as much as possible.

E, M, and the Little Man said...

I echo what Suze said. When I slowed down on b'feeding, I gained back some of what I had lost. :(