Sunday, November 02, 2008

A brief distraction for you

We went away last night; I'm excused from posting every day when I'm not here.

But look! I've been teaching myself the Vegas editing program - you can get a free trial version for thirty days, long enough to see whether you can use it.

Here's the babies' naming ceremony. It goes for seven minutes so you might like to get yourself a cup of tea and a chockie bikkie. And how crappy is the quality of youtube video? I'm going to figure out how host better quality videos. I'm sure it can be done - do you know?


Katya said...

A lovely record of a great day. Good editing too, althogh I'm sure a real time film of all 5 hours would make for intriguing viewing!

Mikhela said...

Yes, well, I was fascinated by it so I'm sure everyone else would be...I'll send you the 3 DVD box set for Christmas.