Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sign of the times

Before I had the babies, I would get my haircut at a groovy little place run by four gay boys in New Farm (equivalents may be Paddington & St Kilda - but Brisbane is nothing like Sydney or Melbourne so that's a very rough guide. Sorry, I know nothing about the fashionable gayboy spots of Perth). I would get a cut and colour, it took a couple of hours and cost about a hundred dollars. They'd give me a latte from their espresso machine.

Yesterday I went to R1vers1de Co1ffure,. I had my hair cut (NOT washed, just spritzed until damp) by a very nice lady with three grown up children. I was out in half an hour, for $22.50, without being offered even a glass of water. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a packet of dye from the chemist. I should be done for about $42 - $45 if I buy my own latte while I'm there.


Elsewhere007 said...

It sounds cheap to me, even from Alice Springs. I try and get my hair cut in Adelaide, Melbourne or wherever I might be rather than Alice itself these days, due to too many local botch-ups.

I dye my hair myself but have it done professionally a couple of times a year to even out the colour. I actually hate being 'pampered' in general -- it bores me. The idea of hanging round a hairdresser's for a couple of hours waiting for the dye to take in my thick hair, which is usually what happens, is not my idea of fun.

blue milk said...

Is this a sign of the times - parent in a single income household, or a sign of the times - we're all in a global financial crisis?

When my daughter was a few months old I finally got out of the house for a haircut and I was suggesting ideas for my haircut to my unbearably cool, inner-city hairdresser and I summarised with "basically, no Mum Haircut, I don't want to look like sombody's mother". I thought I was holding on to my pre-motherhood hipness somehow, but then he told me "oh, all the mums say that". The Mum Haircut is in fact the Desperately Hip Haircut - especially in New Farm. Hehe.

Mikhela said...

El - yes I must say the magazines in the suburban hairdresser's were much more interesting - Ange & Br*d and their twins, and Br1tney's latest rehab and so on - MUCH better than V0gue & M0dern L1ving.

Blue Milk, the idea of Desperately Hip makes me feel much better about all those trim and terrific blonde-streaked-bobbed mothers I'm always running into.