Sunday, December 28, 2008

Now that we're 1...

...I've decided I'm going to use the babies' middle names as their blog names. I like their middle names, and after all the agonising over the decision, we don't really get to use their middle names. And I don't really know who those other children are, that Junior and Lucky who occasionally get a mention on this blog.

So this is Pearl:

And this is Louis:

And yes we have been to one of those frightening child photography places. I know it's out of character, and I'm kinda embarrassed about it. But all the grandparents got prints for Christmas, and they were so beside themselves with delight I'm tempted to do it every year! But you'll notice we didn't select any of the options where they superimpose your child on a bed of rose petals, or pink teddies, or whatnot.


meli said...

beautiful names, and beautiful babies!

JahTeh said...

They are gorgeous and you won't regret having the photos done. From now on they'll change so quickly you'll wonder if you've picked up someone else's child.
I had a film ready for the granddaughters but who thought teens would be camera shy?

h&b said...

*snort* - ah, the "Anne Geddes" treatment... makes me want to hurl ;)

These are beautiful portraits though, and I *love* the idea of using middle names .. I also hate the 'names' i'm using for my boys at the moment, they're a bit naff.

Also love the quote on your header. Agree entirely.