Sunday, April 05, 2009

What I meant to say was

Yesterday due to a timetable glitch Lola and I both worked and had to get in Granny + a nanny (This was a whole blog post in itself as Granny was deeply hurt that we got a nanny as well as asking her to do it but there was no way I was leaving two active toddlers alone with Granny for nine hours, much as they love her. The nanny just came in for the super active period from 10.30 - 2.30). It was the babies' first day without either mummy around.

Anyway Gran said the day went swimmingly, 'although Pearl wouldn't have a nap'. Nor did Pearl sleep at all that night - Lola and I took turns holding her and walking around the house, letting each other sleep for an hour before swapping. Hence the peculiar blog post preceding this one. Nor did Pearl sleep at all the next day (Saturday) - she would doze off briefly, then wake with a start, crying. She slept fitfully last night, had a big nap this morning and is now, Sunday evening, sleeping like a champion, thank the gods.

It really wasn't worth it. I know I'm being petty but $120 for a nanny plus a $40 bunch of flowers for Granny for thanks (flowers have gone up since I bought my last bunch!) plus a completely wrecked weekend...I think there won't be too many childcare days just yet.

Now if we weren't attachment parenting I know the response would be, 'You just have to keep getting childcare until she learns to be more independent...' but as our whole philosophy is about allowing them to become independent at their own pace I'll just forestall that advice (in case you were thinking of commenting to that effect).

It's interesting that it's Pearl, the bright extroverted centre of attention girl, who has had the meltdown in response to childcare, rather than Louis, who is solid and quiet and more slowly developing motor skills.

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JahTeh said...

Babies are no different to oldies. There are people I don't take to at first glance and last glance so I'm not surprised when babies do it.