Friday, May 22, 2009


If you recorded my speech today, this is what you would have captured:
  • Bus! Yes, bus.
  • Up you get. It's okay, you're not hurt.
  • Dog! Yes, dog.
  • Away from the toilet. Don't touch. Yucky.
  • Pearl, stop it. NO Pearl.
  • It's okay, darling, you're okay, she didn't mean it.
  • Car! Yes, car.
  • Sit down please. Sit down in the car. Sit down. Sit down.
  • Cat! Yes, cat, oh, no, that's a possum.
  • Bus! Yes, bus.
  • Bike! Yes, bike.
  • Bus! Yes, bus.
Shall I go on?

However, it is date night tonight and I am cooking Spanish chicken & chorizo rice and lemon yoghurt cake, both in this month's De1ic10us. The movie of the evening is S3ven P0unds. If only these snotty coughing babies would go to bed.

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