Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Diary

Day 5 in a mothering week

Well it's Budget Eve. Today we lived very frugally. Isn't Playgroup a boon to parents? $3 for the family to attend, regardless of the number of kids. Have you been to Playgroup? None of my other friends seem to go but I think they're great, particularly when I'm at a loose end and out of ideas for twintertainment.

Playgroup is something like childcare, except it only goes for two hours, and parents (or grandparents - there are always a few of those) stay. They are set up in church halls, with cheap tea and coffee in the gritty little kitchen, and well worn toys everywhere. The kids have an absolute blast. There are free play areas, indoor and outside, as well as a craft activity of the day. Then we all eat morning tea together (so good for social skills), more play, then some stories and nursery rhymes.

Home for lunch and naps.
Playing in the backyard in the afternoon because I couldn't be bothered walking to the park.
Making them dinner which they refuse to eat.

God! It's no wonder I haven't bothered to keep this daily diary before. I'm driving myself to tears of boredom.


Anonymous said...

im enjoying the diary. love the day to day insight to the realities of parenting (especially twins). also loved the video. running around! great. mel

JahTeh said...

Playgroups were just starting in the early 70s and were great for getting to know other mothers. Our particular group mirrored neighbourhood get togethers, with kids down one end of the room, mums up the other with the tea and gossip. Until we got the playgroup organiser who decided that we should be interacting with each other's child. That was too much like hard work so after a while she gave up on us and moved on.