Friday, June 12, 2009

Reporting in

Date night menu:
Chicken pie - comfort food from the Womyn's Weekly Cookbooks, because it's freezing. Can you believe a top of only 19C (66F)? Thank god it's only a cold snap, not an actual winter that anyone would recognise, and back to more reasonable temperatures next week.*
& a cheat dessert - I made sugar free banana coconut mini muffins for the babies this morning, so I made a couple of big ones as well, and have made a sticky lemon syrup from to pour over them, warm, with ice cream. Two birds with one stone, and all of that.

*One of the problems with living in a warm climate, and a reason why I'm entitled to grizzle about overnight temperatures dropping all the way to 6C, is that the houses here are completely unsuited to cold weather. No insulation. No heating. The windows don't close properly - the jambs don't meet up. We can see the ground underneath the house through some of the floorboards. So unlike Melbourne, where cold nights can be quite snug (discounting days in student housing), 6C outside pretty much means 6C inside. Brrr and grrr.

No movie due to disorganisation. L's trying to convince me that Si1ent W1tness counts but I'm not convinced - too many close ups of autopsy techniques.

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