Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Flagging energy

I'd really like to keep a record of our campaign trail, but I'm sooooo tired.

We're at a crucial time in Queensland - the Premier has announced her intention to recognise same sex parents, and now there's a Community Consultation (what new information are they going to learn from that? you may ask) and then there will be a vote.

The Opposition leader has vowed to defeat it.

I've got a facebook group, a yahoo group, and I'm keeping two other lesbian mum mailing lists posted (trying to get them interested - no response so far)

It's disheartening so far.

I hope someone else gets involved in writing letters.

I'm trying to think generously about other people - reminding myself of all the causes I hear about and don't do anything about, even though I support them.

If Queenslanders are reading, you have until September 18 to write to the Department of Justice.
You can read the consultation documents here
and you just send an email here

Apparently the anti-same sex marriage groups sent in 10,000 submissions - that was federal, but still, they're pretty active. The pro-same sex marriage mob sent in 12,000, yay us. I was a tardy contributor to that, feeling ambivalent about marriage as a whole, but in the end thought the symbolism of the inequality was more powerful than making (or not) a point about the inappropriateness of marriage as a foundation stone for society.

(My general enthusiasm, optimism and will to live may currently be influenced by Pearl being quite ill and crying for ohh, three days straight now, pretty much the whole time when she's not sleeping. It's quite mentally exhausting. Louis is getting fed up with playing quietly at my feet while I rock her and tonight started shouting in quite a demanding, teenage fashion - MUM! MUM!)

Yes, I am aware this post is fairly incoherent.


ThirdCat said...

oh, mikhela, you sound exhausted

it's good...what you're doing is good

and also, this time of year does sick when you've got very young children...for our house, it always felt like September was the worst because it felt like winter was over, but we spent the whole month in various combinations of sick. Honestly, it does pass. The sicknesses slow down, and also the sick children become less demanding, or less reliant or something, as they get older

hang in there

cecelia said...

Hey there

It's terrible when the little ones are ill.

To reassure - I'm not responding to the rainbow lists - totally disheartened myself - but a dozen of my workmates have today pledged letters of support!

Thanks for all your work - the template letters were great