Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Days 6 & 7 - Mon & Tues

Hi sweetheart,

I can't believe that, due to my diet, the only vaguely sweet treat type thing in the house is half a box of stale tiny teddies.

Granny came around today, so it was an easy day. She made a big vat of Scotch broth, at my request - I associate Scotch broth with all my childhood family crises, endlessly warming and comforting. I am under the impression that a nice big bowl of Scotch broth can put anything into perspective.

It's so frustrating that it's so hard to get to speak to you! These SMS  text updates are so unsatisfying! But I'm glad things are looking up, and maybe you'll be home in another week.

I started on some domestrivia that was accumulating in a pile beside this [your] computer. Funny, all the things I haven't done for years. I haven't paid the rent on this house before. I don't think I've ever brushed the babies' hair - it took me a few days to realise why Louis and Pearl were looking so feral! And I've really backed away from organising the necessary stuff to get the house ready to sell. Well, I started on them all today. And guess what? They really weren't that hard! I might even try to mow the lawn before you come home...

Louis has been really clingy for the past couple of days. It's so unlike him, he's such a placid soul. At the moment, he doesn't want to be by himself. He won't sit and play trains by himself; I have to come and watch. And that of course, means Pearl isn't getting enough attention, so then she comes in and does something like sit in the middle of the train tracks.  It  could be because you are away - I presume it is - or it could be some other sort of stage.

It was so hot today. Hot and sticky and cranky-making. Granny cooked Scotch broth then we all went out to Seventeen Mile Rocks for a swim. We are having a nice time - I am making sure we are doing familiar, fun things - but somehow without you here it feels a bit pointless. I'm not phrasing that right. Of course it's not pointless, it's just...empty somehow. Incomplete. There's a big gap in our family, if only in the 'wait til we tell Mummy L about this' sense.

Pearl and Louis talked about you more today. Maybe it's starting to feel like you've been gone a while. They both had toy phones out, talking to you, this afternoon, giving you a rundown on their day. They wanted to hear 'Mummy's favourite song' as we drove along listening to Kasey Chambers and the Little Hillbillies. I didn't know which was your favourite, but I told them it was the colours one. Is it the colours one?

Jonathon and Richard dropped in with dinner, but didn't stay long, as they're off interstate tomorrow. They brought back the cutest souvenirs from China for the babies - training chopsticks! Louis's are red adorned with a person laughing, and Pearl's are green, with a cat. We will have to have yum cha directly!