Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back in Bris

Frustrating day today. There I was all ready to go to head off for work at quarter past six (so I could catch the 8am train from Helensvale to get to Brisbane by 9am - talk about dedication to the job - I get up before even the bleedin' kookaburras) and the car wouldn't start. Dragged Lovergirl out of bed to try and jumpstart it for me - no luck. It's all too tedious to repeat, the wait for the NRMA, ringing work to say I wouldn't be in as I was stuck in the bush house with no transport...anyway, I have decided that I really have to bite the bullet and get a loan for a decent car.

I did finally make my way to Brisbane - arrived here at 4pm so way too late to go in to work - J&V weren't really expecting me but I think it's okay.

I'm soooo tired though...think that's all I can write...a recital of my day's events would be very dull and I have no energy for lateral thinking tonight

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