Friday, April 21, 2006

Thinking about abortion?

I drove back from Toowoomba today after running a workshop out there. Toowoomba itself seems nice in a Ballarat/bendigo kind of way - big old stone buildings with ornate porticos (what exactly is a portico? I imagine it is the stonework around the verandahs or something), and lots of gum trees which are a rarity in my tropical existence - the dull green dusty trees make me homesick for the 'real bush', instead of this wet lush ever-growing leech-nurturing vibrant lime green rainforest I find myself surrounded by.

What was really creepy, however, was driving through the harsh dry flatlands of middle Queensland. There's a billboard about halfway out, a whole huge billboard that says 'Thinking about ABORTION? Call 1300-xxx-xxx for free confidential counselling'. The picture on the billboard is a small child and an adult holding hands. I can just imagine the free confidential counselling...It's not just the one billboard, it's what it says about this quite weird state that has a statewide holiday for MAY DAY but bans Brokeback Mountain in North Queensland cinemas because there are no gay cowboys out there (there's no SNOW out there either but they haven't banned movies with snow in them)

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