Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pipe down everybody!

Stop ringing and leaving messages asking if we are pregnant, okay?

I know we shouldn't even tell people we are trying but given it is our main hobby at the moment - sad though that is - we can't help it, it has just squeaked out over time. But rest assured that I will tell the whole world via this blog the moment I know anything at all. Yesterday I had four phone messages asking if we are pregnant. It's my fault, I know I wrote here that we could do another test on Saturday, but the test is negative - but Lovergirl is you know, sometimes those tests are wrong etc etc.

So we are depressed and cranky. At least, I am. There's something about putting the whole thing into the hands of the medical profession that makes me assume that it will all work out. 'Oh, we are having procedures now, so it must be going to work!' Not to mention handing over thousands of dollars - that should be some indication that it will work surely. More so than the dodgy $2 turkey baster and a few urine sample jars, and loitering outside Danny's apartment block in a self-conscious re-enactment of some seedy drug deal.

Today's photo is of our resident carpet python. She is about three metres long, with an intricated green and brown diamond pattern down her back and a cream belly. She has decided to hibernate on our deck roof, sections of which are that see-through corrugated plastic. I stood on the day bed to take this photo, so my head was only about fifty centimetres from hers - separated of course by a nice sturdy roof. It's a good spot, I think - she can shelter under the eaves when it rains, and she curls up against the wall where the chimney is, and spreads out across the roof during the day. She makes a kind of shuffling sound when she moves, like a train shunting in the far distance. We're trying to come up with the perfect name for her - maybe Pam? Does she look like a Pam to you? She's very fat; she's obviously eating well up there.


michele said...

It must be tough enough spending all that time waiting. living with the great level of anxiety and anticipation every month without all of the well meaning but contant reminders that you are not pregnant yet. I trust that when the time comes nothing less than a full page ad in the SMH will inform us all!

mikhela said...

Oh yes definitely. and lots of boring conversations about morning sickness and leaking breasts and large supportive underpants...and I'll be email circulating multi-MB video clips of the baby floating in the womb, whihc will completely clog your download for hours...