Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sydney again

I'm in Sydney, I'm staying with M&M - let's call them Mel & Mona. Mel was my first girlfriend. She impressed me by quoting Alice in Wonderland at a Women in Student Unions conference back when we were fresh faced idealistic young student activists. Now here we are, wider and wiser and remarkably, still friends. She's been with Mona eleven years now. This is amazing, given that she was always much wilder than me. I was a stable, sensible young adult, not taking drugs or spending money on whimsical trips to the Northern Territory in a twenty year old ute, staying in my designated university course until I graduated. Mel was a wild little punk pixie with a skatebord and a flat-top (very short haircut) and a string of arty lovers. But here she is, regional manager of a NSW organisation, with a well-behaved dog (even the dog has matured), a mortgage and a deposit for the second investment property.

Tonight's entry is not going to be very literary as I have been fed two glasses of champagne, NO food yet, and Mel and Mona are talking at me non-stop as I type. So I don't have much brain space left for the blog. Now they are remininiscing about a bad party they had where Mel served Japanese Slippers - honestly they tasted like cordial. I drank too much - one of the three times in my life I had far too much to drink and will they let me forget it? They think it's the funniest thing - 'Do you remember the time we got Mikhela drunk? Ha ha ha!' Pah, who needs old friends with their ability to remind you of all the mistakes you've made along the way?

I've spent today running training for Mel's staff. Sometimes I am terrified training. I really have to stop myself fantasising about what all the trainees might be thinking about me or the training - 'this is really basic' or 'I'm so bored' and so on. it's like I can see these destructive thought bubbles coming out of their heads. Stop! now i am being neurotic.

No news yet on the eggs. I have to admit it, I'm obsessing. I think about it all the time. Lovergirl, bad girl that she is, couldn't wait and did a wee test yesterday. Which of course came out positive. Which of course we knew, and it doesn't mean anything because she has been taking a pile of hormones. She's not meant to do a test til Saturday.

Dinner's ready!


Katya said...

Hello M, all your friends and family are crossing our fingers that you will get a positive result today - GOOD LUCK!

Mikhela said...

thank you...I hope I'm still coming across as basically sane cos it feels pretty nutty here in my head

Everyone says 'oh you will get pregnant when you stop thinking about it' but I don't know how that is possible when you are a lesbian...