Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To move or not to move

Where I stay in Brisbane is near a factory, out in the suburbs. I don't always notice it but in the early morning quiet there's a constant whirring, an airy hum that never stops. If I'm awake in the bush house early in the morning, I can't hear myself think for the cacaphony of birds. I remember the first few mornings that we lived there, the morning chorus woke me up - I couldn't sleep through the shouting of kookaburras and whipbirds and honeyeaters and whatever else.

Lovergirl and I spent the weekend looking for places to rent or even buy in Brisbane. It's very sad but I think my time in the bush house is coming to an end. I can't work out there and I'm too young to retire. I feel very sad at the idea of moving, but I feel a bit stuck there. It's a hard area to get work - as a rural area there are less jobs, but because it is such a desireable area there are thousands of overqualified sea-changers looking for something fulfilling to do. It's a real problem. Maybe I could have been more assertive about doorknocking.

Now that I am working in Brisbane I am being inundated with job offers. Well, there are three at the moment that I need to choose between (or none of). Jonathon is keen for me to stay on where I am, and is pretty confident he is going to get the funding for it. That would be easy for me, and I have lots of ideas of things I would like to do in that position. And I could keep up the same arrangement as long as we could stand it - traipsing up from the North Coast during the week. That's hard on both of us though. Another chap has offered me an exciting job, although it sounds a bit overwhelming and I don't know if I can do it! He drew diagrams up on the whiteboard and kept saying meaningfully, 'And of course there will be a very generous package. Very generous.' Although I won't get too excited by the idea of 'very generous' in the NGO sector; anything more than $55,000 and they are breaking into piggy banks to pay you. And of course there is the business plan with Chris. That's the most interesting to me I think, but it means doing things like taking out business loans and taking a big risk, and living on bread and dripping for a few years...and Lovergirl wants to go back to uni if we move to the city & do a Masters.


Katya said...

If you're going to move, then come back to Melbourne, yay!

Katya said...

If you're going to move, then why not ocme back to Melbourne? Yay!

Mikhela said...

yeah - I would really like that. In fact I had a dream about Melbourne last night and woke up really homesick. But we can't move to Melbourne until we have either given up on the baby thing or gotten pregnant. We cant use the donor clinics in Melbourne (unless they have changed the rules in my absence) and Donor Dan is here...I suppose we could find another donor but I really like Danny.