Monday, October 09, 2006

Panic stations

<-- fruit rollups at The Channon market

On the weekend Dale Wilson, the naughty kid with the blond cowlicks who sat down the back of the class and spent maths lessons tying hairs around flies to make them buzz in circles in hot summer classrooms, rang me up. Our twenty-year reunion is in three weeks.

Three weeks!

I only have twenty-one days to drop two dress sizes, do a PhD and amass a string of awe-inspiring achievements.


thirdcat said...

so, how's that phd coming along today?

Susoz said...

By your 30th reunion, you'll settle for dropping one dress size.

Mikhela said...

the phd's a breeze, compared to the other two prerequisites for attendance. I'm doing some creative reinterpretation of my life achievements but it's gonna be harder to fake the dress size.

Mikhela said...

and Susoz I presume in ten years I'll only need to drop one dress size because I will be ageing oh-so-gracefully like Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep?