Wednesday, October 18, 2006

There's always this option...

Since we went to see Amanda, the fertility guru naturopath ages ago, she has been coaxing me to give up wheat and sugar.

Wheat and sugar! I mean, honestly, what's left?

Anyway with the looming twenty year reunion I decided to give it a go. I've had no wheat or sugar for the past week and three days. Months of her dire warnings about what wheat is doing for my evil sperm-killing antibodies and what motivates me? The possibility of seeing the beautiful girls of Myhometown Grammar again.

Also I have been exercising twice a day - most unlike me. Walking in the morning and yoga in the afternoon.

Some wheat and sugar delicacies I eschewed had these past ten days include:
- muffins
- home made chocolate chip biscuits
- fresh turkish bread
- fresh italian bread, the kind with the hard crust and the soft fluffy insides
- caramel slice
- horrible shop-bought cakes, the kind you buy at 'Coles in-store bakery' (not too much of a sacrifice, passing that up)
- and of course any of the catering at the myriad training I have been running. I take out my sad little rice thins and disembowel a couple of sandwiches, scraping their contents onto my cardboard-esque wafers. Looks frightfully pretentious.

So, how much weight have I lost with all this self-sacrifice?
Two kilos?
No, two hundred grams.

Serves me right for doing something as un-feminist as going on a diet.
My skin's great, but.


Thirdcat said...

Those beautiful girls of Myhometown Grammar. They'll do it to you every time.

Mikhela said...

You know them?