Friday, November 17, 2006


<-- Cairns sunrise

November. This month it's two years since Lovergirl and I started trying to get pregnant.

Only a few weeks ago we decided to stop planning our lives around reproducing like sad people who go on for years. We've booked a trip overseas next year and Lovergirl has applied to do her Clinical Psychology Masters and I have lined up a job in Brisbane and we are all set to move at the start of next year. The life coach, too, was part of me forcibly realigning my thinking - what is the point of my life, if I'm not going to protect the young or subjugate myself to some Higher Power for a reason for being? Sad and self-indulgent, I know, to ponder 'Why am I here?' -we're just animals with sentience after all, there is no point - but I'm childless, I can do these things.



We have two pink stripes on the wee test

(Now confirmed by a blood test)

And I'm not getting back to Lovergirl from Cairns til next Tuesday.

We're not supposed to get excited yet. And we're not supposed to tell anybody until the twelve week risk period is over... or even until we have some scan at three weeks to check for a heartbeat...but what the hell, I'm gonna wanna blog about it if it all goes pear-shaped.

*However, if you happen to know my parents - I think that's only you Zephyr - please don't say anything to them. I want to tell them as a Christmas present.

Everybody cross all your fingers and toes until further notice!


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty fantastic way to mark your anniversary. Fingers and toes duly crossed.

Susoz said...

Hurray!Double hurray! Triple hurray!Congratulations!

Susoz said...

And by the way, that heartbeat scan will be at 7weeks gestation - you are probably used to this by now, but when she was found to be pregnant, she is said to be already 4 wks. So only another 36 to go!