Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rainy day life check

<-- It's raining and raining and raining today so I'm catching up on all my inside-the-house jobs. I whipped up these summery trousers this morning (in the background is the material I've used). They'll be fabulous for working in Cairns next week. I'm not quite so willowy as the model, so they look a little less - well, willowy - on me.

Isn't it great to see that the Jews, Muslims and Christians can all come together when the issue is important enough? Like, say condemning gays, for example. Really bodes well for the world. 'We hate you and you, and you're going to burn in hell... but we hate gays most of all, don't we, my brother?'

Eww, gross
In other important news, I am feeling quite seedy today after removing two ticks yesterday - big fat shellbacks who seem to have spent a fair bit of time feasting on my body before I found them - one on my scalp and one in soft skin where one's leg meets one's torso.Today I'm achey and swollen and generally cranky.

The main problem with our toilet arrangement is that when it rains one has to crouch on the grass holding a large golf umbrella. The other problem is that when one crouches over grass in tick season, ticks jump on one. As demonstrated.

And offering you the benefit of my poysonal growf...
I had my second life coaching session yesterday. I am so focussed now. Well not yet, but I will be, any minute, I'm sure. I have just completed this checklist, which I reproduce here for your own poysonal growf journey.
You only get the option of True or False. 'Don't know' or 'unsure' rates as False.

  1. My work stimulates me
  2. I am proud of what I do for a living
  3. I feel appreciated in my workplace
  4. I respect the people I work with
  5. I know where my career is heading
  6. I respond to calls and emails with 48 hours
  7. I don't let paper work pile up
  8. I complete my work withing reasonable hours
  9. I manage my time well
  10. I delegate without guilt

  1. I am satisfied with my income
  2. I have a budget that I use
  3. I pay my bills on time
  4. I know how much I owe and when it will be paid off
  5. I have an active long term financial plan
  6. I am able to reward myself without feeling guilty
  7. I use my credit card wisely
  8. I have a will
  9. My wallet is uncluttered
  10. My tax affairs are up to date

  1. I am happy with my home
  2. My home is generally clean and tidy
  3. I surround myself with things that I love
  4. I don't acquire clutter
  5. I recycle at home
  6. My personal files are in order
  7. my bed supports me havaing a good sleep
  8. My bed is always made the way I want it
  9. I have photos of loved ones around me
  10. I am happy with my mode of transport

Health and Body
  1. I am happy with my current weight
  2. I do some form of exercise at least three times a week
  3. I have a balanced diet including lots of fresh food
  4. I don't smoke or drink alcohol excessively
  5. I drink at least 2 litres of water every day
  6. I am up to date with allnecessary medical and dental checkups
  7. I am happy with the sleep I get
  8. I have appropriate clothes for my work and personal interests
  9. I am not concerned about my stress levels
  10. I feel generally well.

  1. I am happy with the level of intimacy in my life
  2. My partner and i respect each other and are equals
  3. I get along well with my work colleagues
  4. I make amends easily with people I have had conflicts with
  5. I trust the significant people in my life
  6. I am on good speaking trerms with my neighbours
  7. I consider myself to be a good friend
  8. I see people who are important to me regularly
  9. My friends and family know how much I care about them
  10. I am satisfied with my social life

  1. I like myself
  2. I have had a birthday party in the last two years
  3. I have a life outside of my work
  4. I have enough confidence to do what I want in life
  5. I have adequate holidays each year
  6. I don't lie or exaggerate
  7. I am comfortable saying no when I need to
  8. People know they can count on me to do what I say I will do
  9. I can easily recall the last time I really laughted
  10. I have a form of creative expression.

I did best on home & relationships, and worst on work & finances.


elsewhere said...

Gawd! *eyes rolling back in head*

I'm impressed, just by the clutter thing.

Susoz said...

Two litres a day? That's ridiculous.
I did worst in finances, which I knew I would - mine are a mess.