Sunday, November 12, 2006

The blog with no cats

<-- Cat trap. If I could figure out how to open it, I would stick a teddy in there to demonstrate what a teddy looks like trapped in a cat trap. A cat probably would look somewhat different.More pissed off, I imagine.

What is it with bloggers and cats?

Are people with cats more likely to blog?

Are the character traits of bloggers such that they lend themselves to forming alliances with cats?

I'd like to think I was more like a cat - sophisticated, elegant, independent, poised - but I'm really not. I think I'm probably more like a dog. Friendly, a bit sloppy, dropping hair, keen to join in with whatever.

Not being a cat person, I guess cat people are self-contained but affectionate, quiet but harbouring a secret desire to stride the streets at night, yowling at the moon, fighting and making love on fence-tops.

I'm a dog person myself. You know what you're getting with a dog. They're not too smart, they always want to do what you're doing and they always want affection. I like an uncomplicated companion animal.

So this post is probably more likely to get me blackbanned from my group of favourite bloggers than if I confessed that my real name was Bronwyn Bishop.

I've just been up the coast to collect this cat trap, $247 including GST if you're after one, for my wildlife protection group.

There's a cat-woman at the end of our rainforested street, one of those storybook figures with about thirty cats. She refuses to have them neutered or keep them in at night - it would impinge on their civil rights, was the drift of her vituperative spit in response to the posse sent to attempt to negotiate. There are many other cats about at night, not just hers - they slink into the underbrush (where the small ground dwelling birds like logrunners and turkey chicks go for safety) with the stealth of death or gaze at the car with glittering eyes of carnage. Every now and then I'll find a disembowelled marsupial mouse or green tree frog. Not eaten - just killed.

Get thee to an already bio-diversally ravaged suburb, I say, with your cats.

*By the way, after we've trapped the cats, they get taken to the Cat Protection Society and reunited with their loved ones, for a fee. Unless they're big feral fuckers, hissing and spitting. Then they get the green dream.


Katya said...

I think most of us cat appreciaters see the vast difference between a spayed suburban cat that comes in every night, and a horrible feral cat that chomps on our native wildlife just because it can. I'm sure you won't have ostricised anyone because of your cat cage purchase - buy two, I say!

Chicken said...

Actually, I believe suburban cats kill almost as much wildlife as the other kind. Not because they're evil, but because they're cats. There just isn't any way to justify their continued presence on this continent.

Susoz said...

I bring my two cats in every night.
And the two dogs.

Many years ago I had to kill a feral cat who kept having litters in our garden. We did it with insulin drops in the eyes. I had no compunction about it, even though I'm a vego.