Monday, December 04, 2006

quick blog

<-- We went camping on the weekend, to Lamington National Park. A lot like here - same sort of forest, only with neat rock-lined trails through it.

Mel and Mona are visiting for a few days so I can't blog long (I don't remember any specific etiquette instructions about blogging while entertaining visitors, but I suspect it's rude).

It's very nice to see our place through their eyes. They're charmed by the outrageously expensive local general store and pop down every day to collect the newspaper, stock up on groceries and keep up to date with the community notice board ("lost: bantam hen, pet, answers to Blacky" and "Relibale teenager will look after your children. ")

oop - they're back


Katya said...

Say hi to the two M's for me; it's always interesting catching up on their goss via you. Have you made sure that they know what time the local shop closes on a Sunday night? Otherwise it's herbal tea all the way.

Mikhela said...

M&M were very pleased at the warning about the shop, and laughed a lot to think of you, on one of your rare escapes from the delights of child-rearing, unable to even partake of a little champagne.