Thursday, December 07, 2006

Plan B

<-- here we are, healthy outdoorsy girls all, taking a break from our trek through O'Reilly's Plateau

On the very same day our cluster of cells gave up the ghost, Lovergirl got a letter in the mail accepting her into the psychology clinical masters program.

(woo-hoo - visions of me being wife of wealthy clinical psychologist, staying at home and organising society charity benefits, attending a different book club every day of the week and shopping daily at little gourmet organic stores for healthy, ethical and sophisticated meals I will whip up each night when she comes in, weary but fulfilled after a day resolving the problems of the fabulously wealthy of Byron Bay. Our two beautiful adopted children from Malawi are sweetly playing with their educational toys in the architect-designed eco-friendly rumpus room while the glossy purebred platinum-golden retriever (a rare version of a breed chosen for its combination of child friendliness and aesthetics) stands affectionate guard)

So we are moving to Brisbane after all, where I will be the primary breadwinner while she returns to uni for two years.

Also, Lovergirl's sister has given us her frequent flyer points so we have booked a return ticket to Europe next July...just thought I'd drop that in.

I have never been to Europe - oh I lie, I went to Malta with Dad about ten years ago.

We're going to start Italian classes and spend most of our time in Italy, although we fly in to Paris and out from Geneva.

Also, for some unknown reason, Mum has decided to give my brother, my sister and I tickets to Bali for Christmas. If I didn't know better, I would suspect that my mother was sleeping on mattresses stuffed with cash. Her Christmas gifts become more extravagant each year. I was torn between feeling guilty accepting such an outrageous present and feeling guilty that I have been on two holidays with Dad in the past two years, and none with her. So we are all going to Bali together next April, along with our respective girlfriends and Mum's gay boarder. I suspect it will be hell.

After a whirl of accepting all these seeming 'consolation prizes' that were offered to us - completely coincidentally, as the offerers did not know what was going on for us - in the days following the miscarriage, I am now having kittens trying to figure out how we are going to pay for it all. Free flights to Europe are very nice but now we have to eat for five weeks while we are there...

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