Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here we go again

Email from Mum

Hi Mikhela,
I have been awake since 3.30 and cant go back to sleep.
How are you and L settling in to your new life in Brisbane.

Paul [my brother] doesnt sound too great at the moment. He was going to ring you to have a chat. He rang to ask me if he could prove God exists should he do it. I said that people have been trying to prove that for years. He thought that they were trying to prove that God doesnt exist.
I said that they were trying to prove both things. God is telling him it is time. The queen wants to be in heaven, she doesnt want to die but she wants to be in heaven. Paul needs a meeting with R1chard Brans0n to explain how to stop the Greenhouse emmissions from cars. Run them on water. (steam cars were invented years ago. I suppose these would be different)
Anyway, I asked him to go see his Doctor, GP, which he did. GP told him to rest. I have suggested that that is a good thing but if he still feels like he is, that he may need to see "THE PROFESSOR" as Paul calls him. That I dont think he should leave it too long as the chemicals in his brain seem to be out of balance. I have tried to talk to him without upsetting him, hope it worked. I suggested that he should try to be on top of the chemical imbalance before it gets on top of him. He is against going back to hospital. I suggested that it would be better to do it now, if necessary ,as it would be a shorter stay than if he lets it get worse. He was agreeing with this. He sees it all and no one else does. Mum is god again, no. not god but a god. I suggested that he needs to sort out the imbalance so he will be well to go to Bali. He said yes, god is telling him he should go to Bali.
I am going to take out insurance for his trip as he may not be well enough to go. I should never have tried to have a family trip. I thought it would be great to have something to share while I am able to do it.

Sorry to do this to you again. Just want to warn you Paul may ring you.xxxxxxoooooo Mum


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Oh dear. Sorry to hear about this. I had a brother who had similar problems. hope he gets the help he needs.