Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don't count chickens

Here I am in the hospital this morning awaiting fertilisation.

In proper fertilisation footwear.

Two eggs are in. I don't want to hear any more about it for sixteen days.

And I've discovered it's quite hard to converse lightly about Easter plans when one has one's legs hitched up in stirrups and a cool breeze playing about one's nether regions. And the conversee is squatting on a stool between aforementioned stirrups. The nurse kindly gave me a modesty sheet to cover my belly. I don't know why she thought I might be worrying about my belly.


Katya said...

Not a word will be mentioned until you are ready to do so, but I will be sending you lots of thoughts of the eggs clinging confidently and securely to the walls of your - oh, is it the uterus? Isn't this terrible, I've had 2 babies and I can't remember where they began! Better go and check in the boys' "Mummy Laid an Egg" sex ed book.

Katya said...

PS You might go off Johnny Depp a bit if you see him in 'The Libertine'.

elsewhere said...

Good luck...I'm a bit confused as to whether you or Lovergirl is meant to be fertilised, but good luck, all the same.

I'm sure all this period will be forgotten, once it all happens for you.

(P.S. Katya -- no one goes off Johnny Depp -- not ever...the perfect bone structure, those beautiful eyes, etc, etc.)

Katya said...

Yes you are absolutely right, Elsewhere. Even when he plays a revolting character with yucky hair, he is still completely swoonworthy... How could I have been so fickle?

Anonymous said...

I have a dyke friend on the other side of the world who also had 2 embryos replaced this week, so I'm holding out strong hopes for you both.