Wednesday, April 11, 2007

F@#! off pervert

<-- See? They're doing it the right way, with one of each bit.

I'm really upset, in fact I'm shaking with anger and humiliation. I'm sorting out my will (I don't have one yet) and I've just been on the phone to my superannuation company.

I was on hold for quite a while.

Then I said "I want to know if you have binding beneficiary nominations, where I nominate my same sex part-"

"No we don't do that sort of thing," she said, interrupting me.


That sort of thing

I could just see her mind flashing up with pictures of lesbians engaged in orgiastic oral sex.
(take that snooty bitch!)

She could have at least apologised, like the nice woman at the health insurance company who refused us couples cover. "Oh yes isn't it a ridiculous archaic rule? But you know, government legislation..."

I bet she's one of the people who writes to the paper protesting about representations of lesbians to preschoolers (because of course any information about women who love other women must involve graphic descriptions of oral sex)

It just shows what a middle class sheltered life I lead. When people stare at us openmouthed on a bus I just dismiss them as rednecks. When gay boys get bashed into unconsciousness leaving nightclubs around the corner at Fortitude Valley it's horrendous, but in the same way that terrorism and domestic violence is - only lowlifes do it, it's a criminal act by mindless thugs and so on. I might be a victim one day but it won't be personal. But when it's blatant institutional discrimination, for some reason I find that much more invalidating.

But I feel much better now. Thanks for that.

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Chris said...

I feel quite sure that insurance salespeople of all stripes get trained in that dismissive tone of voice from day one. I can hear it right now, in fact, ringing down from when I tried to insure a car older than 30 years... "take your unseemly notions elsewhere, you weirdo, why can't you be like the rest of our customers?". Probably because the rest of your customers are boring.

Fuck the lot of 'em!