Monday, September 24, 2007

And these are just the necessities, darling

It's quite expensive having a middle class pregnancy.

Yoga - $25 a week
Pregnancy aquarobics- $20 a week
Hypnobirthing - $90 per class - 4 classes
Naturopathy - about $120 a month for pills
Acupuncture - $65 every three weeks
Organic food - maybe an extra $20 per shopping bill

How on earth do people manage to give birth to healthy babies without doing all this?


JahTeh said...

With all the things I read about pregnancy now, I wonder how I had a child at all. I lived on Coca-cola and tomatoes, I couldn't get enough of them.

ThirdCat said...

what on earth is hypnobirthing?

Mikhela said...

Oh my god, you had babies without hypnobirthing?

It's calling on your body's natural endorphins for labour rather than the smorgasboard of painkillers (which cross the placenta and lead to a 'cascade of interventions etc etc). I'll tell you more after first class Satuday

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding HypnoBirthing! I did it with both of my kids and it's an incredibly empowering experience. I love it so much I've been teaching it the past 6 years. BTW, the class is 5 units so if you're only meeting 4 times make sure the teacher is certified with The HypnoBirthing Institute in New Hampshire [] and that you're getting the real deal. Check out my!

ThirdCat said...

sad to say that desptie everyone's best efforts, there was nothing natural about my birthing experiences. Except, of course, that I ended up with babies.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some people will get cross with me, but who cares how they come out, just so long as the mum and the baby/ies are okay. I have no idea what medical interventions my mum had, but I turned out okay, and have no discernable physical, emotional or spiritual issues.