Sunday, September 23, 2007

They're baaaack

It begins with a gently unpleasant stirring in the pit of my stomach, a slight sour taste in the back of my throat.

I'm slumping on the couch, in exactly the pose not recommended by the physio who took our antenatal class, proofreading an article.

Then there's a sudden, all-too-familiar rising and I run like I haven't run for at least four months.

Same position, different venue - bent over the front verandah railing, splashing vomit onto the pebble walkway below.

I thought all this was behind me?

It's much harder to heave with an extra fifteen kilos of belly, I tell you*

*Yes, it's supposed to be fifteen kilos by now, with twins. I've had enough of that sort of comment from the grandmothers, thank you.


JahTeh said...

Sounds like one of them has a foot in that exact spot that triggers upchuck. I remember it well.

Mikhela said...

How do I get it to move?

Robin said...

Marcia was nauseous most of her first pregnancy. The second one was easier. Hang in there.
- Robin/the other mother

david santos said...

Thanks for your work, very good.
have a good week

JahTeh said...

Dear old David Santos gets arounds, doesn't he.

I hate to tell you but if the foot moves it will probably crunch the bladder.

Mikhela said...

Yes the Santos is weird. I clicked thru to his site as didn't know him and it was all stuff about the disappeared Madeleine, written in Spanish. I didn't think he counted as a troll so I left him up there. But I did have my finger over the little rubbish bin for a moment.

And I think one IS on the bladder!

Anonymous said...

So glad I wasn't visiting that day! Could ahve been standing right on those cobbles...

Love reading your blog & catching up. Will be heading across to Qld soon - I think...

Lots of love to the four of you,


Mikhela said...

Oh yes come visit! Are you rolling in dough now that you're working in the mines?

Jude said...

Not rolling in it yet. Just almost in the black!

Looks like there's a bit of exploration work in Qld, am being tempted by a small contract geo company in Townsville. Just about made the decision to pack the car and head across when I was offered the chance at a 6 month contract here (WA) with a big mining company who also have sites in NSW & Qld... haven't decided yet, today is my deadline.

Btw, I'm sure I put on more than 15k's with one baby in there - triple gelatis (gelato?) were partly to blame... : ) You look great.