Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's safe to come out now, children

It's not all baby brain around here, I was thinking about the federal election too you know.

And I got moved all the way to the head of the voting queue for being so pregnant!

I did fall asleep during the election party, sometime after J0hn conceded defeat and before Kev1n gave his reportedly dull 'we are the champions' speech.

But for most of the time I had my finger on the pulse.

Does anyone know anything about N1ck Xen0ph0n? Apart from 'Pokies bad, water good'?


JahTeh said...

From what I've read he could be a complete dipstick or a force for change. How's that for insight but honestly I wouldn't like him to be holding the country to ransom.

Mikhela said...

Yes, any single person is dangerous I think.

Mikhela said...

By single I mean 'individual' not 'unattached' person!