Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pregnancy memories to treasure

  1. Skin tags - funny little warty things that 'may fall off after the birth,' advises my book.
  2. A strange blood filled growth on my gum that explodes every time I brush my teeth, giving me a foaming rabid Dracula effect
  3. Balloon woman - my feet have become strange fluid filled cushions at the bottom of my legs, that ooze over the upper edges of my slip-on shoes (I haven't tied any laces for Quite A While). Puffy face - unusual goitre-like paunch happening about my neck. Puffy fingers - I left my ring on too long and now I'm going to need to get it cut off.
  4. Brain drain - it's not that I feel dumber, just that it's so much harder to pay attention. We went to see the movie Michael Clayton last week and I spent the whole time saying to L, 'What's happening now? Why did he do that? What happened to Cate B1anchett's character?' (answer: she was in a preview, before the movie started)
  5. Inability to fold in the middle - anything that falls to the floor stays on the floor, at least until Lovergirl gets home
  6. Not being able to fit behind the steering wheel
  7. Insatiable desire for mangoes. Nothing unusual about that. Lovergirl was in charge of fruit today at the market and she has come home with one mango. How is that to get me through the week?
  8. Sleeeeep. Sleeeeep. Sleeeeep.
  9. Wee. Wee. Wee.
  10. The most bizarre rippling and rolling effects across my belly as the babies move beneath the skin. It looks like time-lapse photography of an earthquake. There really are babies in there, aren't there? Either that, or a litter of puppies. Which is also not so bad.


Melanie said...

I just wanted to let you know I have been reading your blog for a little while now. I stumbled upon it via a comment you left on a friend's blog.
I just wanted to wish you the warmest blessings for the next few weeks and beyond, what a journey you are on, and I wish you and your partner well...
I found this verse for my newly pregnant sister(shhh its a secret!!) and i thought its so sweet you may like it too!

Into my will
let there pour strength,
into my feeling
let there flow warmth,
into my thinking
let there shine light,
that I may nuture these children
with heart's deep spring of love.

Mikhela said...

Thank you for de-lurking! It's nice to know there are people reading - not that I'm doing this for anyone other than myself etc etc...

Lovely poem.

JahTeh said...

I like the last one. It reminds me of Ripley in Alien.

Mikhela said...

Just like that! Hopefully without the exploding part.

Pregnancy said...

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