Monday, December 03, 2007

It's not hormones, it's just so terribly SAD

Last night Lovergirl cooked me dinner (as she does every night at the moment).

Pan fried fish (caught that day by the neighbour), roasted potatoes and steamed snow peas, accompanied by a salad from the garden - several kinds of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and avocado.

I finished the fish.
I finished the potatoes.
I finished the snow peas.

Then I burst into tears.

'What's wrong?' asked L.

'I can't eat the salad (sniff). I'm too full (sniff).'

'That's okay, just leave it.'

'But you went to so much effort, growing it and picking it and making it for me... '

By now I am kind of crying and laughing at the same time (have you ever done this?), realising the ridiculousness of it all.

'It just seems so sad that you went to all this effort and I'm not appreciating it.'

It did seem overwhelming at the time.

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