Sunday, February 24, 2008


According to my books, they've only got three days' worth of crying left, because it all gets much easier after twelve weeks.

I can manage three days.

Really, I can.


Anonymous said...

Golly, in stereo!

owlie said...

how did they get so old?
Have they read those books?

Even when crying they are still beautiful things!

ThirdCat said...

How's things going? I know everyone says this, but really, I can not imagine how it must be to have two crying babies. It does get easier. It really, truly does.

h&b said...

They are so cute though ( muted, here, not in live-streaming .. )

God, twins though. More than one would be a challenge i'm not sure i'd be up for ...

Mikhela said...

TC, it does feel like it's getting easier. I'll have to blog about that soon. They *do* seem to cry a lot though. I assume it's because they're twins - I can't pick each of them up as often as I want to.

What I've heard is twins are harder for the first year then easier after that, as they keep each other company...fingers crossed.