Monday, May 12, 2008

Getting twins to sleep

1. As per all the manuals, rock and pat both twins, alternating, for maximum 45 minutes. Repeatedly, one will just start to drift off as the other squawks loudly, waking up drifting twin.

2. If both twins fall asleep, party! (or, more likely, hang out washing, prepare dinner, clean bathroom...)

3. If one twin falls asleep, scurry out of room with second grizzling twin. Rock and pat second twin for max ten minutes (time is a-wasting and the first twin will only sleep for 30-40 minutes). If this fails, tuck second twin into sling and go about your business. Second twin will eventually fall asleep - get them out of the sling early and pop them into the cot as first twin will wake up before second twin, which is a nuisance when second twin is slumbering peacefully in the sling.

4. If neither twin falls asleep, move to the breastfeeding station. Take a book and make sure you go to the toilet first. Hopefully babies will fall asleep breastfeeding. Relax! Read your book 'til they wake up.

5. If breastfeeding don't work, the big guns: the Walk. Put whoever is grizzling the most in the sling, the other in the pram. Walk. Walk. Walk. Eventually they will sleep (I haven't had this fail yet, although I have had to walk for two hours)

I am becoming Obsessed with Sleep.

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Susoz said...

That sleep obsession doesn't really abate for about five years, because even after they start sleeping pretty well overnight, there are still naps to think about. And besides, the sleep deprivation can be so traumatic that it takes a long time to recover from, psychologically.
(I hope this doesn't make you depressed! It does get better and your babies are about to hit a very cute sitting-up age.)